Floodgates and Flood protection

1st Defence Gates are designed, manufactured and customised to your needs. Whether its for heavy industrial or domestic use, our level of flood protection and quality is the same. Our range of gates are designed using the latest design techniques combined with steel or stainless steel allowing them to be suitable for all situations and water levels.

From high tides and tidal surges to custom flood control, we can offer you a bespoke package for your needs.

All of our gates are manufactured to all the necessary components to BS EN 1090-1:2009 standard.

Maintenance Packages

We offer a maintenance package which includes a full service. Checking the compression of the seals, the mechanism's and an overall "fit for purpose" check. The gates above have undergone a flood high alteration and a full service. We can also provide a solution to other suppliers gates.

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What are Floodgates?

It might sound like an obvious question, but there are a variety of different flood defence systems that meet different requirements and prevent flooding.

Floodgates can replace ordinary gates that attach to the perimeter walls of your business site. They can also be added to spaces between walls and closed only when there is a flood risk. They can be built for pedestrian or vehicular access.

Generally, the gates are built into the structural wall surrounding your premises to provide unbroken flood barrier against flood water. This provides perimeter defence against flooding, which is especially important in areas near rivers at risk of bursting their banks with heavy rainfall.

We can help prevent the most serious damage to your business premises by preventing large, forceful flows of flood water onto your business site.

It is important that the perimeter walls surrounding your business site are strong enough to withstand flood water. A fast flow of water has a huge amount of energy and can easily damage existing walls, especially if they have already been weakened by previous flooding.

We can offer you the following

Single Swing Gate

Our single swing gates can be made to any size and height for your project . We design and build our own custom hinges and lock mechanisms to allow operation by one man with ease. Our technical specialists will advise you the best strategy for your project.

Double Swing Gates

1st Defence Fabrications double gate designs are available any size and are ideal for projects needing extra width. Our double swing flood gate designs use our latest in house starter and locking latches which allow safe operation and close within 2 mins.

Multi-fold Gates

Our custom bi-fold gates are perfect for projects that require a smaller size and weight. They are used for projects that are restricted to a external opening area.

Automated gates

Our automated gates are also available for almost any project requirement and are built using the latest technology and design techniques to ensure the best solution to your project.

1st Defence Sliding Gate systems.

Sliding floodgates are an alternative to projects where there may be an opening restriction or due to the size, a safety issue. The sliding flood gates can be concealed between flood defence walls, allowing a better aesthetic and are used for instances where the gate will only be seen when needed, such as high tides or storm surges.

1st Defence floodgate systems include a comprehensive package that includes designs by our fully qualified structural engineer (BEng (Hons), CEng, MIStrucE) with over 30 years experience

We are with you all the way from first point of contact to final installation. We can also offer a peace of mind maintenance packages.

Fabrication work is undertaken by our fully qualified workshop operatives with Company held Weld Procedure Qualifications Records (WPQR) and Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS).

Our floodgates offer a Safety threshold design. All our gates have a flush threshold to prevent the need for a step. This forms the seal allowing easy vehicular access on larger gates and trip free access for pedestrians.

The sealing sill of our floodgates is a anti-slip plate allowing vehicular and pedestrian access with no trip hazard. The floodgates seals are created using a custom protection foam with a protective sleeve to prolong the life of the seal.

We also use our gate expertise to produce flood doors and security products for your property care.


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  • Quick and easy to install flood protection gate

  • Ideal for use in coastal and inland environments

  • Designed to suit project specific size requirements

  • Low Maintenance



  • BS EN 10025-2 : 2004 – S275JR Steel as minimum.

  • Safety threshold design. All our gates have a flush threshold to prevent the need for a step to form the seal; this allows easy vehicular access for larger gates and trip free access for pedestrians.

  • Fully qualified structural engineer (BEng (Hons), CEng, MIStrucE) to produce design calculations with over 30 years experience.

  • Fully qualified workshop operatives with company held Weld Procedure Qualifications Records (WPQR) and Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS).


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