Steel Fabrication

1st Defence Fabrication

We are a general steel fabrication workshop and can provide:

  • cutting
  • cropping
  • punching
  • shearing
  • folding
  • welding
  • galvanising
  • powder coating

Our saw will cut Angle channel tube box universal beams and columns, our guillotine will cut up to 10mm thick over 3 meters and our press break will fold up to 5mm.

We can provide you with any steel you require from our local steel stockist, and transport to any destination worldwide.

We can also provide drawings calculations and design work.

All welding can be tested by fully qualified welding inspectors.

1st Defence Storage Units

Storage Units

These buildings are individually designed to suit the owner or end users requirements and are the easiest & most cost effective way to provide storage solutions to your customers.

1st Defence Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine Flooring

We specialise in quality and innovative ways to make the most of your unused space. Installation of a mezzanine flooring can expand your production capacity and improve operating efficiency. Thus helping you increase productivity effectively and economically. You can create additional offices or expand your retail areas.

Your mezzanine does not depend on the building for support and can be used as a totally freestanding structure or can be combined with your existing equipment.

Our mezzanine floors are individually designed and engineered to suit your specific needs.

Maximise existing floor space into profitable rentable areas.