Our Office

Unit 1, Abraxus Court,
Lancaster Road,
Carnaby Industrial Estate,
YO15 3QY


Tel: 01262 674737
Email: info@1stdefencefab.co.uk


From your first point of contact, we are with you every step of the project.

As part of our customer service we will

  • visit your business and perform a site survey that will detail the areas of weakness for various types of flooding (surface, river, tidal, etc)

  • check existing perimeter walls are strong enough to withstand flooding

  • design an overall solution that will help prevent your business from flooding

  • manufacturer all the necessary components to BS EN 1090-1:2009 standard

  • install and test the flood defences

  • perform routine maintenance checks and make necessary repairs (if a maintenance contract is taken out)


We have over 60 years experience of designing, building, installing and maintaining flood defences for businesses and the Environment Agency. We have BS EN 1090-1:2009 accreditation. You can trust us to create the perfect solution to protect your business.

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