1st Defence Fabrications is one of the most respected flood defence firms in the world.

experts in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of FLOOD GATES, flood defence solutions, blast protection and general steel fabrication.


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steel beams fabricated to any size

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Flood Defence Solutions At Its Best

We are a team of flood industry experts with a passion to provide high end bespoke flood defence products across the world.  

Every project and client is different but no matter what the flood defence project, there is no scale for errors which is why every design, every product and every installation is meticulously checked and adheres to all flood protection safety standards.

More about us

Brief Company Story

In 2008 a group of experienced fabricators in the flood industry came together with the purpose of designing a better flood gate system. Since that beginning 1st Defence Fabrications Ltd has built a dedicated team with over 120 years of experience within the flood industry, who are passionate about delivering the best flood defence products in the market.

Whether it is a small one-off project or a large multibody project we are with our clients every step of the way from design to manufacture to installation. Using the latest 3D modelling software, we bring our designs to life allowing clients to envisage the finished product. All our designs are backed and supported with structural calculations for extra piece of mind. We manufacture all our products to the highest standards being the only manufacturer of flood gates and flood doors who are accredited to BS EN 1090 EXC3.

Our Mission Statement

At 1st Defence Fabrications Ltd we produce flood gates to the highest quality, defending property and protecting the environment.


How do we Benefit Customers?

The Association of British Insurers estimate that flooding costs insurers £1.3bn. The expected average pay-out for a domestic claim is £50,000.

In 2016 there were over 15,000 claims for property damage, more than 5,000 of these came from businesses.

Installing flood gates and flood doors is an effective measure against the destruction and cost caused by flooding.


Our Values




Under promise, over deliver 

All products are fabricated in-house at our workshop in Carnaby,

EAST Yorkshire.




Flood preparation

Weather in the UK has become increasingly unpredictable over the last decade, resulting in the increased frequency and intensity of flooding. Flooding has become a significant risk to UK businesses, causing costly and time consuming clean up, and in some cases complete business failure. Insurance premiums for flooding have become very costly and in some cases prohibitive.

Be prepared for flooding by installing a flood defence system for your business. Include flood management within your business policies and ensure that all staff members are fully trained to deal with flood situations. Sign up for flood warnings and be proactive with local flood schemes and requests for large scale flood defences within your area. Evidence of membership to local schemes could lower your flood insurance premiums.

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From your first point of contact, we are with you every step of the project.

As part of our customer service we will

  • visit your business and perform a site survey that will detail the areas of weakness for various types of flooding (surface, river, tidal, etc)

  • check existing perimeter walls are strong enough to withstand flooding

  • design an overall solution that will help prevent your business from flooding

  • manufacturer all the necessary components to BS EN 1090-1:2009 standard

  • install and test the flood defences

  • perform routine maintenance checks and make necessary repairs (if a maintenance contract is taken out)


We have over 60 years experience of designing, building, installing and maintaining flood defences for businesses and the Environment Agency. We have BS EN 1090-1:2009 accreditation. You can trust us to create the perfect solution to protect your business.